Simpex Trilite- Softbox Kit With 6 CFLs and 2 Stand (Complete Set)

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CFL video light kit feature:-

  • Simpex three light CFL softbox lighting kit
  • 6500K 30 Watt 6 X CFL tubes.
  • Flicker free CFL are beast suited for professional quality video making.
  • Trilight video light is used in video making and any kind of photography.
  • These CLF are day light balance which means you don’t have to color correct your photo or video after.
  • Simpex trilight CFL are cool light opposite of Halogen video light which are hot and swat your subject and makes your model uneasy

Item contains:

2X Simpex CFL video Trilight

2X 60CM Softbox

6X 30Watt CFL tubes

2X 30cm reflective dome

2X 5mtr AC cable

2X mid placement disk

2X light stand